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Morgan Engineering Company has been providing engineering and technical services to industrial firms and governmental agencies since 1974. Our highly skilled professional team, with a commitment to provide fast, high quality service, works with you to provide solutions to meet your needs…

   ...Quality engineering and technical services that meet your satisfaction is our primary goal.

Experience                                                                                                         Our only business is engineering and technical services.  Morgan Engineering has a permanent in house staff of engineers. Our comprehensive experience and skill, combined with powerful CAD workstations, and the latest engineering software, means solid capability to serve you better.

Quality Services                                                                                            We provide services in the following areas.  

  •Mechanical design and analysis of products and equipment of all types.  
•Finite element analysis of structures and machine components.
•Point of Purchase displays
•Software Flexibility
    SOLIDWORKS     COSMOS                                                              AUTOCAD          INVENTOR     
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